Feature: Maranda Karenbauer

How to Make Money on Social Media even if you’re an Introvert


So you think you can't make money on social media because you're too introverted?! Well you have to meet my friend Maranda Karenbauer who is a self-proclaimed, socially awkward introvert . She was able to quit her full-time job as a speech pathologist when her social media side gig started earning more than her full-time career. She takes to social media to talk about things like her dislike for doing dishes and wearing pants to connect with her audience and she shows people that you don't have to be the life of the party to be successful. If you ever worry that you don't have the personality to make it big online, then you definitely need to check out my interview with Maranda. You can catch her on Season 1 Episode 2 to find out how she went from only using her social media accounts to wish friends and family members happy birthday to creating a lucrative business, all while being true to who she REALLY is. I just know you're gonna love Maranda as much as I do, so definitely check it out and leave us a review. 😍

Follow Maranda on IG: @maranda_karenbauer

Brooke Rash