Feature: New Kids On The Block

Why it’s so important to create an emotional connection with your audience

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Have you ever asked yourself why BOYBANDS from the 80’s and 90’s are still selling out tours?

I mean we’re talking about old ass married men, dancing around with middle aged women watching them make love to the stage. No, seriously that happened. The last time I went to see NKOTB I had the pleasure of watching Jordan Knight hump the stage. Which was an actual childhood fantasy come true, although a little awkward with my husband watching along. 🙈

But why are they still so popular and how does this relate to YOU and YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA?

Well first of all, you have to understand that social media is entertainment and you have to start seeing yourself as an entertainer. It doesn’t matter that you can’t sing or dance- I mean maybe you’re good at humping-- buuuuut let’s keep that off the newsfeed, okay?

You can learn from celebrities and entertainers and apply those same concepts that make them successful to your social media personality.

So let’s take New Kids on the Block for example.

Brooke Rash 1990 | Ten years old

Brooke Rash 1990 | Ten years old

It doesn’t matter where I am in the world or what I’m doing. I could be filing my taxes and when I hear “Step by Step” come on, you best believe I’m about out bust out with some dance moves.

Step 1111… we can have lots of fun. 🎶
Step 222…. There’s so much we can do…🎤

And it’s been HOOOW long? Almost 30 years?!

Let’s be real, it’s not because they’re still SOOOOOOOO hot. Some of you may argue with me on that one, but I ain’t throwing my panties at any of them… however I may make a special consideration for Donnie's younger and IMO hotter brother, Mark. 😍

It’s because of the emotional connection that the music has, the nostalgia it brings, and it connects their fans to their past. It brings up warm and fuzzy memories.

That’s why almost 35 years after NKOTB first came out, they are still selling out arenas and raking in MILLIONS and I do mean MILLIONS of dollars. They’ve raked in nearly 200 million dollars since they reunited 10 years ago.

I’d venture to guess that they’ve been more successful the second time around than the first because now these little girls and teenagers are grown women with disposable income and credit cards. And they’re willing to pay any price just to have a few moments to relive the glory days. Have you seen how crazy some of the diehard BLOCKHEADS get on their cruises?

These dudes will be monetizing until the day they die, then when the first one bites the dust they’ll probably have a hologram.

When you can create an emotional connection with your audience, You win.

Just ask the New Kids.

Brooke Rash