Feature: Shawna May


If you're over the hype of having a perfect instagram account or feel stressed trying to make sure everything looks perfect for social media, then this episode is for you. You're going to be obsessed with @heyheyshawnamay
She could literally care less if dirty underwear are in the background or if her kids are all looking at the camera. I mean with 5 of them I'm not even sure how she wrangles them all to be in one shot. 😂 But the real message is that perfection isn't necessary to be successful in your social media marketing.
You can hear Shawna's story about her weird AF job that turned her into a sales expert & is allowing her to help creative geniuses stay creative while letting her to negotiate their deals. Catch it all on Season 1 Episode 5 of The Social Celebrity podcast. 🎙

Brooke Rash