Feature: Taylor Swift

4 Things Social Media Influencers Can Learn from Taylor Swift

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I’ve been obsessed with her ever since she successfully transitioned from Country Music Starlet to this decade’s Queen of Pop. But it’s about more than her music. Taylor Swift is a savvy business woman first and foremost. You can love her. You can hate her.. It doesn’t matter because Taylor Swift is here to stay, so you may as well take notes.


Not only is she one of the best singer and songwriters of this generation, she’s a MARKETING GENIUS. Taylor is notorious for making headlines, creating controversy, and generating buzz. And let’s face it, you need some of that on social media if you want anyone to give a 💩. Taylor had everyone talking when she swiped her social media accounts and started releasing cryptic snake images leading up to the release of the first single from Reputation, “Look What You Made Me Do”. She had internet sleuths scouring her music videos for clues about her very public feud with Kim and Kanye and any potential ties to the illuminati. #guilty And more recently she outed famous music exec, Scooter Braun for being a scumbag opening a huge can of worms across the world wide web with a ton of celebrities including Demi Lovato and Justin Beiber weighing in.

She's intentional in everything she does, down to the minor details in her music videos and the easter eggs (hidden clues) she drops on her Instagram feed.

Maybe it sounds crazy, but you have to show up as a star and you have to keep people talking. People have even gone as far as to speculate that she and Kanye cooked up the plot to interrupt her VMA’s acceptance speech for publicity. We'll never know for sure, but there's no doubt that her marketing always keeps us guessing.


She’s a superstar, but she’s also the girl next door. We’ve watched her grow up & She pours her heart out in her lyrics, holding nothing back. She likes to take selfies with fans and talk about her cats on social media. She shops at Target And we feel like we know her. She’s pretty much our BFF. So why hold back on social? Why not show people the real you? Your posts. Your Live Videos. Your photos. They’re all portals into your life.

The more you share who you really are, the easier it is for people to relate to you.

People buy from those they know like and trust, so being relatable is important. And it can’t just be the highlights. You have to take us on the journey. The highs the lows and everything in between. The stories are what sell. Her songs give us a glimpse into the life of Taylor. So stop holding back and give your followers what they really want. Substance.


One of the reason’s that people keep talking about Taylor is because she continues to evolve. If she was still the same sweet face that came on the scene more than 10 years ago, she would have been left behind. Evolution is everything. Evolution is growth. And Taylor has taken us all on her journey. This is one essential piece that many social influencers miss. They worry what people will think when they make changes or shifts in their businesses. When in reality staying the same will kill your passion and your brand. Each one of her albums is an evolution. The Old Taylor is still at the core, but how she’s chosen to express herself has gradually changed.

Here’s the thing about evolution… you’ll leave some people behind.

Sure you’ll get criticism. the keyboard warriors everywhere went to social media to express their dislike for the New Taylor, but that’s ok. Really. Think about the people you hung out with in high school. Are those people in your inner circle now? Probably not. Maybe you grew apart, but chances are they’re still same. When you’re ambitious you can expect people to filter in and out of your life on the journey to success. And if you’re really smart, you’ll write a song about it.


I still get baffled when someone tries to tell me that I don’t have haters. They pretend like they don’t exist because they don’t get it. What I really want to say to them is that they’ve never had the kind of success that comes with haters. Let’s recap points one and three. When you do anything that’s buzz worthy, continue to evolve and create success, not everyone is going to like it.

You will face criticism from the people closest to you, like friends and family, as well as your social following. When someone is comfortable with where they are and they see you growing and evolving as a person, they lash out. But at the end of the day, if you try to please everyone else, you neglect the one person that matters most- YOU. so embrace the haters. use them as an indicator to know you're onto something big. Let them fuel you because they're on the sidelines waiting for you to fail. And nothing, I mean nothing is sweeter than showing them the success that you're truly capable of creating.

In the wise words of (one of) Taylor's nemesis.... TAKE THAT HAAATERS.

Brooke Rash