What's it like working with your husband?!


The one question I get asked on almost every interview I do is, "What's it like working with your husband?!" Which is such a loaded question I don't even know where to begin. 😂😂😂

First of all, we've been together for 19 years so we practically grew up together. For the greater part of our relationship we did our own things professionally. I worked retail for many years before becoming an entrepreneur in 2007 and I started seeing success by sharing my life on social media. Jason was a land surveyor for 11 years before dabbling in real estate, then becoming a personal trainer, starting a wildly successful bootcamp, then giving all that up to travel around the world with the CEO of a big direct sales company. After that ended, we struggled to get back on our feet and support our lifestyle as full time entrepreneurs. But persistence and an unstoppable will to succeed kept us going. The journey itself has been long and windy much like an old wooden roller coaster that beats you to hell and back but you enjoy the heck out of the ride.

While we had always done some collaborations in the past it wasn't until 2015, fifteen years into our relationship, that we started working together full time. The last four years have been a learning process. I know that so many women dream of retiring their husband's and bringing them home, but I have to tell you, it's not as rosy as it sounds. Yes, we can do what we want when we want. Yes we get to spend a lot more time together. When Jason lost his job unexpectedly, at first seemed like a dream come true. It's like the honeymoon period then reality hits in and you've got bills to pay and you've gotta figure that shit out. It took us awhile to figure out our rolls, determine who had which strengths and get our egos out of the way. We both have strong personalities, which gets a lot accomplished but a lot of toes get stepped on in the process.

I think back to the days when he was traveling 200+ days a year and working tirelessly for someone else's dream and even though it may not be perfect, I'm glad we're building something together. Because we've proven that together we can do what we could never do alone.

And I no longer worry about "what if".. what if we lose everything we've built? What if something happens, was always in the back of my mind. But I'm confident in our abilities both independently and together, so I know that if we were to have a major downfall we could rebuild, and do it faster.

We're still figuring it out. Some days flow. Others don't.
But I know that there's literally no one else that I would ever want in my corner (or my bed). 😘

Brooke Rash