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About Brooke

Brooke Rash aka The Social Celebrity™️ is a self made social media millionaire who leveraged her free social media accounts to organically build multiple brands and businesses over the last decade. She helps entrepreneurs & home based business owners get the attention they need on social media so they can monetize it. She believes that you’re already a star, you just have to show up like one.

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The Social Celebrity Podcast

You hold the power right in the palm of your hand to become a Social Celebrity and monetize— without moving to L.A.or dancing in the frozen food aisle hoping to get discovered. Tune in to The Social Celebrity Podcast to get insider secrets & hear success stories from others crushing it on social, so you can learn how to build an audience of raving fans & cash in on your star power. 


Partner With Brooke

Brooke is currently seeking self-motivated men, women and couples who want to create more freedom in their lives. Whether you have your own business already, are working a day job, or staying home with your kids, you can plug into Brooke’s proven, duplicatable system and make money on social media without scaring your friends into joining the witness protection program to escape your outdated marketing strategies.

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