Mend Your Split Ends without having to chop off your hair

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Put the scissors down girlfriend & read this before you cut your hair!! ✂️✂️✂️

My whole life I've struggled with wanting long, flowy mermaid locks but the reality was the longer I grew my hair the more I had split ends and damage.

Can you relate or what?! 😝

Now you no longer have to choose between having healthy hair that's shorter than you'd like and long hair with ends that look like they got chewed up in a weed eater accident.

Would you believe it if I told you there's a product that will "mend" your split ends and seal them back together so you can keep your length?!

Well believe it because REJUVABEADS® by @monatofficial selectively targets and mends split ends and other damaged or stressed areas along the hair shaft, eliminating breakage and frizz, decreasing friction, increasing shine and helping improve color.

Your hair will be left stronger, more flexible, manageable and resilient. The effects last for days (about two to three washes) and are enhanced with repeated use, without creating build-up, oiliness or heaviness. It also leaves hair silky smooth, polished and protected from further damage. #sweet 😍

If you're a current VIP customer log into to your ordering suite and add this to your next flex order STAT & if you're not a customer yet I have an exclusive 📲line designed to give you personalized support + help you choose the best products for your hair. Text "Hair Quiz" to 719 772 0787 and someone from my team will give you individualized attention.

Brooke Rash