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In 2016,

Brooke referred out over a million dollars in business to her network on social media, but she was still on the entrepreneurial hamster wheel— working from client to client for active income, when she was introduced to a brand partnership with a luxury, anti aging hair care company.

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After struggling

with her hair for years, she was anxious to try the naturally based products that promised to work. Not only did the products transform her hair, but they transformed her confidence, allowing her to show up on camera feeling like she truly was The Social Celebrity™️.

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She knew

that this was a product she would naturally share with her network, so she partnered with MONAT Global, the first luxury direct marketing natural based hair care line + fastest growing hair care company in North America . She’s since reached more than 50,000 people with the products and business opportunity, helping thousands of people create a residual income stream from their cell phone.

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