How To Deal With Haters


So Brooke.. "How do you deal with haters?!"

It would be easier for me to just tell you to turn on 🎶Shake it Off 🎶and throw a little dance party-- real life isn't always that simple, but I can never resist an opportunity for a @taylorswift reference.

Yes, success comes with people who try to tear you down.

Yes, success comes with jealousy, cattiness, and people who don't want to see you winning.

Yes, it's possible to still keep #winning while giving your haters a front row seat to your Academy Award worthy performance.

And some of you never even go for your goals because the haters get in your head. I'm talking to *YOU* right now.

I could talk on this forever, but insta limits the characters I can use, so I did an entire podcast on the 3 types of "haters", the psychology behind their motives, and most importantly how to deal with it. #YoureNotAlone

Grab a few moments while you're doing your makeup or driving to work to listen to Season 1 Episode 3 of The Social Celebrity Podcast.

Brooke Rash