The ONLY 4 Reasons People Will Follow You

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Forget the algorithm for a minute.
Forget about scheduling posts and content planning.
You can be the most prepared person in the world, but there are only 4 reasons anyone will follow you.

1️⃣ You're delivering value. This means you're teaching something that you know to your audience. Whether you're an expert chef or you just learned a new bomb ass smoothie recipe, it doesn't matter. Value is value and you don't need a PhD to create content that offers real life, practical value to your audience. I've seen people read tarot cards for their audience, give real estate market updates and do beauty tutorials to promote their businesses. You always lead with value. You always make sure that your audience sees you as an expert because you give so much, they're glad to pay you for your products or services.

2️⃣You're inspiring to your audience. Have you ever noticed how people like to watch animal rescue videos? 🙋🏻‍♀️ And by people, I mean myself.
It's because it's heart warming to see a happy ending. It inspires you and moves you deep from within. Share the journey with your audience. This means, highs, lows, setbacks and the comebacks. When people know the full story they are much more willing to support you because your dedication and commitment to YOUR dreams inspires them to consider following theirs.

3️⃣You're entertaining. Social media is essentially entertainment. It's basically replacing tv as we mindlessly scroll and watch @johncrist 6 year long Insta stories -- why? Because they're entertaining. Because he makes us laugh. Because you wish there was a Christian comedian like him when you were growing up to relate to your parents dragging you to Wednesday night church and revivals. We love to be entertained. It's why people like Mama June from Honey Boo Boo can make a living by being an absolute train wreck. You. Just. Can't. Stop. Watching.

4️⃣You're sexy AF. I would be naive to think that sex doesn't sell. It does. There are plenty of people out there capitalizing on their looks and delivering absolutely no value, but it doesn't make it a good long term strategy. Looks fade, unless you're Christie Brinkley. *Can you believe she’s 65?!* So you may want a back up plan. There's nothing wrong with being attractive. It can be lucrative. But if you want long term followers who develop an actual emotional connection to you and care deeply about your story, you may want to lead with numbers 1-3 and then if you're hot and you hit em with value, inspiration and entertainment well they may as well be dead. And you just may very well be rich. Point being, if you're hot, just consider it a bonus. 🔥

Brooke Rash