How a Stay at Home Mom can Start Building an Audience on Social Media & Monetizing


In the past I've always talked about establishing yourself as an expert and at some point you'll be able to do that. However, it's important to remember that most people don't begin as an expert. When I first started a home business twelve years ago, I wasn't an expert at anything. I was just a 27 year old mom that was figuring out how to "adult" and had a realization that there was more out there for me. When I realized that I could stay home with my kids, build a business and contribute financially without handing over a paycheck for childcare, I was off to the races and I never looked back.

So how can you start building an audience of people that care enough about you to do business with you?

Easy. Deliver Value.

It's really that simple. People are always looking for solutions to problems. People are always looking for shortcuts or hacks to make life a little bit easier. So while you may not be a professional of any sort, you can add value to people's lives by simply sharing things you learn on this journey we call life.

For example:

If you've figured out how to fold a fitted sheet, by all means, do a damn video for us. We need to know these hidden locked away secrets that have been safely guarded for centuries. Meanwhile my sheets are wadded up in a corner at the top of my closet and I'm praying Martha Stewart never gives me a surprise visit. But all silliness aside, that's something people legitimately search for on Google or Pinterest.

If you're an overachiever first time mom who is making organic, homemade baby food for your bouncing bundle of joy, then share your recipes. Give us a demo. Give us a price breakdown. Then show us how little Evie reacts to the freshly ground peas you pureed for her in your Vitamix. Stuff like that is super helpful to new moms. When I did it, it saved us a ton of money and we all know babies aren't cheap so help a mother out.

One of my requested videos was about how we created a new tradition to enjoy Halloween without letting the kids overdose on high fructose corn syrup and red dye number 47. My kids leave their candy out for the switch witch and she trades their candy for gifts or cash. They keep a few pieces but ditch the rest because I bribed them with another magical holiday character. So many people wanted me to explain that so they could implement it the following year for their own kids.

Maybe you bought a new toy box from Ikea and you have no idea how you're putting that shit together. You grab a glass of wine and turn on the live video and talk about whatever the heck is happening in your life at he moment while attempting to rig this cheap ass furniture together. Let your friends laugh at your expense and maybe put out a bat signal for one of them to bring more wine.

Maybe you figured out how to get a wine stain out of the carpet because you spilled some during your last video. That's good too.

You can ask your audience questions about motherhood if you want lively conversation. Moms can get whack about parenting styles -- to spank or not to spank, to co-sleep or let them cry, to breastfeed or bottle feed.. I mean the list goes on. The topics are endless when it comes to motherhood. So stop telling yourself that you can't sell a product or start a new business because you're just not an expert & next time you hack something like weaning, getting your kid to go to bed on time, or just some random household thing like how you organized your closet, turn on the camera and share. It's valuable content that helps you establish rapport with the people watching you and shows them that you're human.

People love to do business with those they know, like, and trust. So use live video to build your audience more rapidly, build rapport, and a successful business.

Brooke Rash